Viognier Wines

Food pairing tips with Viognier wines

For the best tasting viognier wines brands, look no further than Liquor Mart, which is your ultimate online liquor store. Viognier, which is pronounced Vee-own-yay is a full bodied white wine that can trace its origins in Southern France. Most people who drink it and buy it from Liquor Mart enjoy it for its perfumed fruity flavors of peach, honeysuckle, tangerine and sometimes vinegar. Sometimes some manufacturers age it in oak to award it a rich creamy taste that is reminiscent of vanilla. Therefore, if you love to sip on bolder varieties of wine such as Chardonnay, Viognier is definitely something that you should consider swirling around in your glass.
Who should buy it?
Viognier is ideal for those wine drinkers that love floral hints. Depending on the brand and the producer, every Viognier ranges in intensity from those that have a touch of bitterness to those that are extremely sweet and creamy. Unlike Chardonnay, Viognier grapes are a little softer when it comes to acidity; they are also slightly lighter and are more floral. On the palate, it tastes slightly dry although it is noted for the oily sensation that is often left in the center of the tongue.
Food pairing with Viognier
The secret to pairing your food with any bottle of Viognier white wine lies in respecting the floral and perfumed undertones of the wine. As a general rule, try and embellish the wine’s flavors by making sure that the meals that you are pairing with are not too acidic or too bold. A good example would be to pair the Indulgence viognier, for instance with something light such as chicken served with apricots and almonds. The aroma of the chicken should be subtle enough to elevate the fruit flavors and the creaminess that is already found in the wine.
Examples of meals that you can pair viognier wines with include:
Meat- roasted chicken, pork chops, turkey breast, tophu, and halibut.
Cheese: Fondue, Gruyere and sheep’s milk cheeses
Veggies and fruits: leeks, Green olives passion fruit, Kabocha, cauliflower, and pumpkin.