Viognier Wines

Viognier wine originated from southern France over time it has became particularly valued because of the rich but complex scents of tangerine, peach, ginger, apricot, rose petal and orange blossoms in it. When it is oak aged, what you get is a rich creamy taste that has hints of vanilla in it. It is similar to chardonnay in some ways because they both share fruity and creamy flavours and if you like it, you would love Viognier. The only difference is that Viognier has a more rich and intense fruity flavour.

Viognier white wine is consumed young in age in most cases because the main appeal lies in its freshness and its remarkable aroma. The only exception to this is the Chateau Grillet, whose grapes have to be harvested on time and the wine preserved for some months before it can be bottled. This wine can age up to two decades.



In choosing the kind of food that will go well with Viognier wine, pay particular attention to the fruit flavours in the wine as they should complement the aroma of the dish you want to pair it with. Typically, it is best eaten with spicy dishes, chilled seafood, fruit salsa, grilled chicken and fish.

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The best white wine from Viognier grape is produced when grown in sunny regions that have temperatures that are moderated by bodies of water nearby or by cool nights. This cool weather is important because it helps to keep the acidity in the Viognier intact.

You can find Viognier wine growing in the following regions of the world:

Northern Rhone Valley of France

  Virginia in the United States

 Columbia Valley and Walla Walla in Washington

  Paso Robles, Central and North Coast of California

 Franshhoek, Stellenbosch and Elgin in South Africa

 Adelaide Hills and Eden Valley in South Australia