Red Wine

Red wine types from Liquor Mart

Liquor Mart has the most extensive collection of red wine types hands down! From Cab and Pinot to Shiraz and Merlot, there is plenty to try in the broad world of red wine. Liquor Mart makes every effort possible to ensure that it provides you with the best red wines range from light to bold. Not sure about the best red wine to buy, here is a list of the most common red wines to try:
Merlot is the youngest variety of red wine. Among all the red wines, it has softer flavors and it tastes milder than many others. It can be paired perfectly with all types of meat including fish and chicken. Merlot varieties range from expensive red wine bottles to some that are extremely affordable.
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir is a medium dry wine that is perfect for drinking alongside most types of meat, spicy foods, and creamy sauces.
Shiraz is one of the most popular types of red wines in the world and one of the most full bodied as well. Shiraz grapes are cultivated all across the world and are one of the healthiest varieties of wine; the high antioxidant content makes it perfect for health purposes.
Cabernet Sauvignon
It is truly impossible to think about red wine without thinking of a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is used commonly in blends as it has a very rich characteristic red color that helps to make light wines darker. If you want sweet red wine, you should buy cabs that are older because the younger ones tend to have high tannin content. Additionally, the best red wine types are those that are aged in oak as the production process softens the tannins.
Malbec can be traced to the Bordeaux region of France although it is also grown in some parts of the Loire Valley. It is often blended with other varieties of wine to produce Bordeaux styled bottles of wine.