Tequila from liquor Mart

Tequila drinkers are fiery, but they also like to keep things simple. Sure, it is possible to make fantastic tequila cocktails; however, most tequila aficionados prefer to enjoy the drink unadorned, except perhaps for a splash of coke, water or with some ice. Need more tequila? As New Zealand’s most revered online liquor store, Liquor Mart has the best prices and broadest selection that definitely goes beyond your college binge drinking days.
As you might expect when buying tequila drinks online, the prices for each brand varies significantly. Most tequila brands are owned and produced primarily by small families so when you buy tequila directly from us, you are helping to continue to expand the quality and the range of tequilas that are available in the New Zeland market. At Liquor Mart, we make every effort to supply you with broad categories of tequila from Kah Tequila Anejo, which has a uniquely designed bottle that features a peppery and woody tequila to the classic tequila brands such as Jose Cuervo 1800 Coco and Patron Tequila Rainbow.
Which tequila should you be drinking?
If you have a beginner’s palate, it is better to start off with Reposado 100% agave tequila. Reposados have mellow but intense flavors that are easier to handle compared to the Anejo tequilas. There are numerous choices for Anejo tequila, and everyone has their favorites. Our array of premium tequilas can be enjoyed with different meals .we also offer tequila brands offering infusions, crèmes, and flavored tequilas to suit different tastes and preferences.
How to drink tequila
Tequila is consumed in much the same way as wine; you have to sip, not gulp it. Additionally, the flavors in tequila have to be stimulated by swirling the glass around so as to release the intense flavors. When you first taste any tequila brands, you will experience a fiery taste, which will awaken your palette but the second sip that will be more flavorful and textured. The texture of the tequila drinks you select will begin to evolve and mellow down with each small sip that you take.