Syrah and Shiraz- is there really a difference?

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Syrah wine vs. Shiraz
Put simply, Syrah and Shiraz refer to the same grapes that are grown in different regions. Syrah has always been used in France; however, the term Shiraz was introduced in Australia to differentiate the grapes grown from the two regions.
Syrah was originally created in the Rhone Valley located in Southern France. This region creates some of the best syrah wines and some of the most famous blends in the world using various traditional techniques. Syrah typically is well perfumed and full bodied with hints of dark fruit and spices. All wines of this type that are made in New Zealand are also known as Syrah, which differentiates them from the products that are made by the Aussies.
Syrah is regularly mixed with bolder types of wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon to help the blend taste more complete. In France, Syrah is traditionally mixed with light bodied varieties such as Grenache to create the well known Côtes du Rhône blend.
In short, Shiraz and Syrah are genetically similar with differences between the two being made by climate, growth and harvesting conditions, as well as the various wine making methods. In Australia, the choice name depends on the manufacturer so the best way to determine which is which is by tasting it.