Pinot Noir

Buying Pinot Noir wine

Liquor Mart enjoys the widest selection of pinot noir wine. The fruity cherry and plum characters of many pinot noir wines from Liquor Mart are enjoyed in various parts of New Zealand and in many parts of the world. Pinot Noir is famously known for its seductiveness and its characteristic food friendly elements, which helps to explain why it is commonly and affectionately known as the winemaker’s wine. You can buy Pinot Noir online from Liquor Mart at the best prices in the market guaranteed.

Pinot Noir is the most highly valued wine although it is not as rich or big as its counterparts. Pinot Noir is vastly different in that it is paler in color, it is translucent and it also has an extremely subtle aroma. The Pinot Noir grape itself is also quite weak as it is highly susceptible to mutation and diseases. Because of the difficulty of growing it, Pinot Noir, also known as the heartbreak grape, is exceedingly hard to harvest but the results are highly rewarding; prices of bottles vary, however, pinot noir red wine costs a lot more than a similar quality red variety. In March 2015, a bottle of 1995 DRC sold for $27,300 USD!

Pinot noir wine food pairing

Pinot Noir is one of the best wines that you can buy because it can be paired with practically everything. It is light enough to suit fishy dishes like salmon but complex enough to withstand richer meat types such as duck or lamb. If you are hosting a party or an event such as a wedding, you should consider serving pinot blanc or corner pinot noir as they can accommodate different entrees.

High-end Pinot Noirs

Liquor Mart has a variety of different brands and styles, however; the most popular region for Pinot Noir is the Dijon region of France. Fun fact: the Dijon region produces some of the most expensive bottles of Pinot Noir in the world- most of the customers come from Hong Kong. This region is well known for producing larger quantities of chardonnay than pinot.