Gewurztraminer Wines

Grown up wine: Gewurztraminer wines

Unmistakably perfumed and unapologetically complex, Gewurztraminer wines are some of the most distinctive white wine varieties in the world. This intensely flavored white wine has wonderful fruity flavors that come from peach, papaya, coconut, mango, rose water, lychee, honeysuckle and much more. Gewurztraminer wines are created in a broad variety of styles and are a scrumptiously crisp balance of dryness and sweetness. Here at Liquor Mart, you can select from our broad variety of wine Gewurztraminer from different regions and producers and we deliver right to your doorstep.
Wine Gewurztraminer shares a lot of similarities with Moscato although it has a higher alcoholic content; it has more striking aromas and is also lower in acidity levels. As such, because of the depth and complexity, wine gewürztraminer is considered a very adult and grown up drink. For your next sophisticated event, you should definitely consider buying classy Gewurztraminer white wine, which will most certainly impress your tasteful guests.
Where do Gewurztraminer wines come from?
Gewurztraminer wines can trace its longstanding history to the Alp Mountains although it originally was first produced in Germany. The grape that makes Gewurztraminer is pink, just like the grapes that are used to make Pinot Grigio. The grapes for Gewurztraminer wine thrive in other cooler regions of the world including in Hungary, France, Slovenia, and Italy.
Food pairing
When it comes to pairing food with Gewurztraminer wines, the best meals to include should be spicy, like those from the Middle East or Morocco. Gewurztraminer wine is also ideal for meals that have nuts or dried fruits, as well as roasted meats of all types. Examples of foods to pair with Gewurztraminer wines are:
Meats: meats, especially roasted, such as pork, bacon, duck and crab pair well with Gewurztraminer.
Spices and herbs: the best herb for Gewurztraminer wine is ginger because it brings out the aroma perfectly. Other herbs and spices that work well include Turmeric, Soy Sauce, cloves, cayenne pepper and other aromatic herbs.
Veggies: roasted veggies such as bell pepper, egg plant, carrot and squash pair nicely with Gewurztraminer wines.