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Proportionally, more and more people are now opting to buy alcohol online at reputable online liquor stores like Liquor Mart. As the premier liquor online store in New Zealand, we have completely revolutionized the way that you shop for and order your drinks. Everyone that buys alcohol from Liquor Mart values our select array of high-quality beverages that consist of well-known brands such as Johnnie Walker blue, Johnnie Walker black, Johnnie Walker black label, Grants BIS Whisky. We only sell shots and alcohol that we believe in at the most competitive prices in town. Our outstanding reviews, ratings and a broad variety of products available are why we are the best online liquor store in business.
Why should you purchase your shots from Liquor Mart, you ask?
Shopping for alcohol online at Liquor Mart is convenient because you can purchase any brand of alcohol that you want from any point and still have it delivered to your doorstep. This not only makes the process easier but also seamless.
Selection and variety
We have a wide selection and variety that is not limited by space. This means that we can offer you a lot more choices than what is available at a traditional brick and mortar liquor store. Liquor Mart has access to a large inventory of products which increases the likelihood of getting what you want. Our range of products includes all the Johnnie Walker varieties such as Johnnie Walker blue, Johnnie Walker black, Johnnie Walker black label, as well as other high-quality brands like Grants BIS Whisky.
Trusted reviews and assistance
Ever walked into a conventional liquor store and wondered which bottle to get? With Liquor Mart, you do not have to deal with all that; we give you expert advice on any aspect that you may need help with whether it is comparing and contrasting bottles or simply picking a beverage that is suitable to your needs. Our expert opinion is not only trustworthy but also consistent as well.

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