Indian Whisky

Indian Whiskys, Indian RUM and liqueurs to try

There is no denying it but Indian whisky is huge right now. It is been a long time coming, high-quality Indian whisky brands such as Amrut whisky are now making waves in the single malt whisky market too. Although Scottish single malts have been the drinks of choice traditionally for many, India’s craft distilling culture has been slow to grow, however, it has managed to produce some of the best Indian whiskeys with exceptional quality. The biggest Indian whisky brand, Officer’s Choice, which is also available at Liquor Mart, sold an astonishing 400 million bottles all across the world in 2015, which means that more and more people are drinking Indian whiskey. 
Indian whiskeys are made primarily made out of molasses, which might be similar to the taste that you find in rums. Although India is still fairly new to the single malt game, it also produces superior single malt bottles with some of the most popular brands being Amrut, Rampur and Paul John. Some of the adjectives that are commonly used to describe Indian craft whiskeys, which are typically fruity and malt forward include toasty, honey-like and cinnamon flavoured. Indian whiskey can be drunk in a range of ways, with or without ice, water, mixed or neat. 
Indian whiskeys to try
From classic malts to flavored whiskeys, here are some best Indian whiskey brands to buy from Liquor Mart:
Amrut Fusion
If you have never tried Indian whiskey before, Amrut Fusion is the best place to start. Amrut Fusion is a great blend of unpeated Indian and lightly peated Scottish barley, the end result which is a rich, fruity and spicy Indian whiskey. If you have firsthand experience with Indian whiskeys already, you should consider trying out the Amrut single malt whiskey, which has been classified as one of the best Indian whiskeys out there to date. 
Officer’s Choice Blue Indian Whiskey
Officer’s Choice is by far India’s most successful distillery. This Indian whiskey is not only affordable but it has been masterfully created from the best Indian grain spirits and scotch malt.