Indian Whisky

Indians in New Zealand, don’t have to lose your heart at the limited stock of Indian whiskeys online, Since, is here to provide you with your shot of whiskey with friends and loved ones.

 Starting from Amrut Fruit Single Malt Whiskey to Blenders Pride, Royal Challenge and Signature, we take pride in saying that we can provide you with the type of whiskey you are looking for. Our prices for all brands of Indian whiskey are fixed and they are highly reasonable, so that you can enjoy your shots as many times as you please. If a grand friend’s party is round the corner and you want to take something really special and rocking for the party, then Liquor Mart’s collection of Indian whiskeys is just the right thing for you. What’s more, we save you the torture of looking for the Indian brands of whiskeys in New Zealand brick and mortar alcohol stores.