The Best Wine Delivery Services in NZ


The internet is a truly magical place that you can shop for your wine online and have it delivered right to your doorstep! There are many places that offer wine delivery NZ and while some sites offer thousands of options, others are more limited offering a collection that has been carefully curated. Either is okay as long as your precious bottle arrives safe and sound. So you no longer have to stay thirsty until you can pick up the energy to go your wine in-store, as long as the site you choose to order your liquor from delivers to your area, then you have nothing to fear; just sit back, and wait to uncork that wine! With so many delivery options in NZ and worldwide, who do you select to buy your wine gifts NZ and treat yourself to some? There is a myriad of awesome wine delivery services out there and we have carefully curated a list of the very best ones. Whenever you feel thirsty, wine delivery services are a great choice to help top you up. Here they are:

  • Society Liquor

New Zealand’s classy wine delivery service, it is where you go when you want mid-priced to expensive wines as well as extravagant spirits such as Broken Shed Vodka. It has no shortage of red wine NZ as well as an awesome collection of all manner of liquors. Best part? They deliver nationwide.

  • Winefriend

Winefriend are the friend you need when your cart is running dry. This company delivers nationwide and have a selection of wines also helpfully displaying their top picks for those days when you are too lazy to keep comparing the different bottles. A great friend indeed. Winefriend also offers virtual testing of your taste buds and then suggests a selection of wines that match the results of your test as well as your taste buds. Perfect for when you have a wine craving but want to know exactly what you need to drink without having to haul yourself off to a winery for a wine tasting tout.

  • Cove27

 One of the newest online alcohol stores in New Zealand this store is perfect when you want premium wine gifts NZ delivered to your doorstep – or your loved one’s doorstep. With a great selection of local and often award-winning producers of premium wines and other types of alcohol, fit takes its mandate as a premium online liquor store quite seriously. Expect stunning bottle and new wine you probably haven’t had a chance to taste etc.

  • Invivo & Co

This online store is one of New Zealand’s popular and leading producers of wine and they even hold the title of the world’s best sauvignon blanc! Best believe that the wine you receive is nothing short of amazing and smooth. And yes, they deliver countrywide.

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