How to Choose the best Wine for Gifting?


Gifting wine has been popular for decades. Wine is elegant and makes for a great versatile gift that fits many situations, events and people. Wine gift NZ is classy, sparks joy and can be drunk on its own or used as a base for delicious cocktails. Wine is a gift that can be gifted to commemorate any occasion and since it is also an awesome choice for those who value the fine things in life, then it’s natural to want to select the best choice that will stand out and make the recipient thing of you as they enjoy the wine later. So how do you ensure you select the best wine without draining your bank account? Fortunately, we have a list of great wines that will not break your bank.

  • Ensure You Know Your Wine

Don’t just drop a bottle of wine into your wine, checkout and then wrap it and drop it off. A wine gift should be personalized and one of the easiest ways to show your recipient that you put some thought into selecting the wine gift is to learn about it. Learn about the brand, its age, where it was produced, what food it should be paired with etc. Wine is often about the little details such as the age and year of production. Doing a bit of research therefore, before buy red wine online.

  • Type of Wine

Does your recipient like white wine or red wine NZ? Before picking out a bottle for them, you need to ask discreetly about their personal preference as most people have a type of wine they like and enjoy. In the same breath, some people may like sparkling while others prefer flat wine. Yet others are fond of rose. Make your inquiries before shopping for the wine.

  • Price Point

Depending on your budget, your relationship to the recipient, the occasion etc., price is an important factor when looking to buy wine gifts NZ. Do your research and see which one meets your requirements before selecting it.

Now that you have those considerations in mind, here are some of the most popular wines that make great gifts for your friends, family and acquaintances:

Duck Shooters Port

A South Island classic production it is seldom found in supermarkets and is a great gift for a budding wine connoisseur. A great bargain at NZD28.99

Mcguigan Black Label Red

This New Zealand red wine is an Australian classic that is quite affordable and with the rich taste of plums and berries. Another great bargain at NZD11.99.

Maude Pinot Noir

If your recipient is a lover if a full-bodied wine this pinot noir is rich-tasting with spice tones of cinnamon and nutmeg as well as dark berry fruit flavors. At NZD53.99, it is mid-priced yet great value for money.

Graham’s Vintage 2000

Vintage wines are great to commemorate celebrations. While pricey at NZD209.99, it is worth that price tag due to its rich aroma and smooth taste with hints of blackberry and red plum.


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