What to give a Wine Lover that is not a Bottle of Wine?


wine gifts NZ

Wine is truly the versatile gift we always want. Aside from giving your loved ones a good wine bottle to commemorate an occasion or just because, you can also add other wine-related gifts to spice up the wine. Then they can enjoy a glass while they admire the accompanying gift. From gadgets, to tumblers and board games wine gifts that aren’t the actual bottle of wine are always appreciated by any wine lover. This makes your gift stand out and while you may have a tough time figuring out their preferences when selecting the bottle of wine, selecting other types of wine gifts its quite easy. Here are a few wine gifts that aren’t actual bottles of wine but every wine lover is guaranteed to enjoy:

  • Personalized Wine Glass Caddy

When selecting wine gifts NZ, keep in mind that they have to be useful. And what wine lover would not enjoy a wine glass caddy? Making it personalized will win the rest of their heart and show them that you went through a lot of effort to make it personal to them. A great caddy that has a spot for the bottle and wine glass stems will make for a useful gift item.

  • Electric Bottle Opener

This thoughtful gift shows that you care because you are helping them get to the wine faster! Every wine lover need an electric bottle opener that is easy to store, rechargeable and can open many bottles of wine on a single charge and is well-suited to opening both synthetic and natural cork. It will add efficiency to their wine drinking session therefore this makes it a great gift.

  • Suctioned Wine Glass Holder

Help your loved one improve the quality of their bubble baths by giving them this wine gift NZ. A suctioned wine glass holder is great to place the wine off the bath tub and away from the soap which helps avoid little accidents. Therefore, they can enjoy their wine while soaking in and the wine remains at arm’s length throughout the bathing time.

  • Wine-Opoly

So what do you give to a wine lover who enjoys monopoly and other board games, try wine-opoly. This game is similar to monopoly but instead of rounding the board to “go”, you round it to “cheers”. There is other wine related clever changes and you can all enjoy the board game together making it a wine gift NZ that keeps on giving.

  • Holiday Wine Tag Bundle

Help your loved one bring in the holiday cheer by gifting them this wine gift. Aside from having twine delivery NZ deliver their favorite drink, add a wine bottle tag that has a funny holiday-themed message and this shows you really put some serious thought into it.

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