New Zealand's best port wines in 2020



In 1844 Christopher Rawson Penfold planted vines on the slopes of Mangill to produce fortified wines. At that time 1/3 of all south Australian wines ware producing by this winery. IN 1896 after the death of the Mary his daughter handled his business and come with a vision to try new methods of production. By 1907 Penfolds hold the first position in south Australian wines. For nearly 60 years Penfolds Club has been Australia's Favorite choice of Tawny. Beginning life as Penfold five star Club Tawny in 1940's, this wine has grown into Australia's No.1 fortified wine bottle, Penfold Club continues to offer the same quality and value for money as always. That is how penfolds started from scratch and now ruling the wine industry among its competitors. 

Ports are the premium product of this company and quite popular as well. Penfold's Father port is a world-renowned port which has won many awards over the years. There are number of other ports are available, not only for special occasion, some of them are best option for daily drinker.

Liquor Mart comes with these following options. Which ports will you buy online? 

Here are some of the best selling ports from Penfolds:

The best ports to buy this winter
Every release has limited 3000 bottles
Each bottle has its own production number
Precious gift for a old man or a person with an expensive personality 
Well packed in a wooden case. 
The best ports to buy this winter

2014 London- Gold Medal winner at the international wine challenge
Popular among all ages
The best ports to buy this winter

The Father Grand Tawny Port is matured for 10 years in oak barrel.

Well blended Tawny ingredients

The best ports to buy this winter
Crafted in small OLD OAK
Region- South eastern Australia
Ingredients Matured for 5 to 10 years before blended
The best ports to buy this winter
A selective choice for daily port drinker 
One of Australia's top-selling port






Liquormart does have plenty of other variety as well. If you want to buy port online please give us a chance for the service.

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