Tips and tricks to help you choose wine for your next event


Choose your Wines wisely for Your Party

 You have all the food ready for your dinner party. What wines will your serve your guests? The selection of wines can be a seriously daunting task. There is also the possibility that you may select the wrong wine for the kind of meal served. Here is a guideline for the selection of wines that match your menu and that friends will enjoy.

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Go for an Aperitif for nibbles

 If you are serving canapés or nibbles for dinner, you need to accompany it with something light too. Most of the people will go for champagne. While champagne is great, you can also try other options as Cremant from France or prosecco from Italy. They both go well with light snacking as they have sparkling tastes and smooth tones. 

Think white wine for the appetizers

 If looking for some wine for a light dish at the start, consider one of the many varieties of white wine. Think something that is not usually on everyone’s radar – something that is a bit different but still classic. You can go for something like Savennieres, Sauvignon Blanc, or dry Riesling (sometimes used as sweet wine) among others. These wines have sensual aromas to make get the stomach ready for the main dish.

Think red for the entrée

The choice of red wine for your entrée depends on what is on the menu. Heavy dishes do well with intense flavors. However, it is not bad to surprise your guests with something that they did not expect. There are many choices in the market including Angove South Australia Organic Shiraz Cabernet, Pinot Noir or any brand of Malbecs

 The light, delicate reds can go with light dishes, pasta, and sauces. The spicy counterparts are great for cold seasons while the intensely flavored ones are good for heavy meals.

Take sweet for the dessert

There are tons of options that you can consider for sweet wines. Most of the best dessert wines come from the dessert wine valley of Sauternes in France. Look for wines with notes such as honey flavors, a touch of nuttiness and stewed fruits in their taste. Other popular notes for sweet wines include orange marmalade and apricot. Pick the wines with the sweetness level of 5 to 6 Puttonyos.

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