3 Whiskies Kiwis Love to Drink


Single malt whiskey is now all the rage in New Zealand, and for a good reason. It has a rich and subtle burst of flavors that’ll entice your palate like no other liquor. As if that isn’t fabulous enough, there’s a huge variety of single malt whiskey and other cheap alcohol in NZ at most online liquor stores. That’s right; you can now buy high-quality whiskey online at ridiculously affordable prices.

That being said, here are top 3 single malt whiskeys that have gained increased traction with Kiwis over the years.

 13-Year-Old Fitzpatrick Kaiapoi Single Malt Whisky

3 Whiskies Kiwis Love to Drink

Sold in 500ml sassy-looking bottles, this single malt whiskey is the real deal. And Kiwis can’t get enough of it. Its unmistakably subtle nose oozes off the rich malt essence that’s poised to warm the soul and entice your palate. Distilled and malted using traditional artisanal style, the whiskey is velvety smooth with deep effusive oak tones that balance perfectly with its creamy malted body.

And that isn’t all that Kiwis love about Kaiapoi single malt whiskey. Believe it or not, the whiskey is carefully distilled in Kaiapoi Distillery using 140-year-old John Dore Pot Still, a feat that gives off its natural malt flavors that’ll simply knock your socks off. Alongside other cheap alcohol in NZ, you can buy this whiskey online for NZD99 at liquormart.co.nz

12-Year-Old Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Single Malt Whisky

Glenfiddich is a titan in the malt whiskey department, and its 12-year-old special reserve, single malt whiskey is a fabulous starting point for Kiwis looking to explore the world of malt whiskey. Sold in 700ml bottles and cans, the Glenfiddich flagship malt whiskey has a distinctive sweet nose of butter and honey that lingers on your palate along with soft spice and gentle oak.

The allure of this single malt whiskey lies behind its slow fermentation and artisanal distillation that relies on multiple rounds of barreling and blending to get the flavors just right. If you are looking for cheap alcohol in NZ, buy the whiskey online for NZD69.99 at LiquorMart.co.nz

16-Year-Old Muirhead’s Single Malt Whiskey

3 Whiskies Kiwis Love to Drink

Muirhead’s single malt whiskey takes a minimum of 16 years aging in oak casks, giving off the deep and rich nose with a vibrant character. You’ll also find the notes of chocolate, dried fruit, and herbs quite exciting. But for Kiwis with a tooth for quality whiskey, barley sugar and toffee with a clue of peat and smoke will not go unnoticed. A bottle of this Scottish single malt whiskey will set you back only NZD82.99; that is, if you buy your whiskey online.



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