Food and Wine Pairing: Great Food Choices That Go Well with White Wines

Food and wine are inseparable indulgences that have been enjoyed together for centuries. In fact, the French have dubbed the trio – food, bread, and wine – the Holy Trinity of Food. Well, pairing food and wine is quite fun.

Wondering what fantastic dishes go perfectly well with your Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris or any other white wine you can buy online in NZ? Keep reading and thank us later.

Food and Wine Pairing: Great Food Choices That Go Well with White Wines


Rieslingbeef curry, fish, bleu cheese, BBQ                                                                                   

Riesling 14 is the choice white wine you can buy online in NZ. You can argue with its bright, citrusy burst of flavors. For starters, Riesling in general pairs well with delicious dishes that have “green favors” (think jalapeno, lime or tomatillo). Riesling itself is food-friendly white wine go perfectly well with Asian dishes and BBQ. Try a glass of Riesling with fish or bleu cheese.

Sauvignon Blancshrimp, fish, lobsters, and other seafood dishes

Marlborough region of New Zealand produces herbaceous and grassy Sauvignons that will blow your palate away. Besides, you can get the Sauvignon Blanc wine online in NZ at ridiculously low prices. Pair a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with seafood dishes with chili, lime and coriander flavors, and accompanied by pea soups or purees.

Pinot Grisfresh veggies, raw fish and lemon chicken

You can buy a nice bottle of Pinot Gris wine online for a decent price. When it comes to pairing with food, it pays to go fresh with Pinot Gris. Its refreshing and zesty acidity goes well with raw fish (sushi), fresh veggies, and lighter meals. You will not go wrong with shellfish, lemon chicken, roasted vegetables and clams casino.

Chenin Blanc poultry, smoked salmon, pork and so forth

Here’s another white to include on your shopping list when you buy wine online. With Chenin Blanc, however, think sweet and sour because of its sweet flavor and incredible acidity. Try Veal, Chicken, Halibut, Terrine, Foul, Smoke Salmon, Turkey and Pork Chop with apple slices. For cheese, pair the wine with gruyere, cream cheese or cheddar.

Chardonnayveal, rabbit, chicken

Most unoaked or young Chardonnays are terrific with seafood. Aged NZ Chardonnays you can buy online are more complex and richer with smoky or nutty flavors; they pair great with veal, rabbit or chicken with creamy lemon or garlic sauces. Finish off your meal with poached pears.

Gewürztraminer - Thai king prawns sizzled with chili and basil

Full-bodied with subtle acidity and smooth texture, New Zealand Gewürztraminer is elaborately fragrant with cinnamon, ginger, lychee and rose petal floral aromas. Buy sizzling Gewürztraminer wine online and pair with Thai king prawns with chili and basil for a sumptuous meal.

These are just but a few foods you can pair with white wines you can buy online at affordable price. Remember most of these rules were meant to be broken.

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