Buying wine gifts made easier for you


Wine gifts online

Special occasions are always something to look forward to, but they can be stressful and expensive. While getting presents is easy, finding the right present that fits the mood of the occasion, and doesn’t punch holes in your pocket can be hard. Luckily, there are some presents that are suitable for any occasion.

Buying wine gifts made easier for you

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If you can get something to drink, or something to help people drink, you’ll be an instant hit with everyone at the party. This simple formula has worked in so many occasions. You can show up with wine gifts at Christmas, birthday parties, to celebrate your buddy’s promotion, or even as a valentine’s present. It’s really easy to pick up a bottle of wine and wrap it as a present. However, it is even easier to order a wine gift online and the reliable wine delivery NZ crew will have it at your door in no time.

To give you an idea of the various wine gifts you can get today, here’s a list of some popular wine gift packaging.

Custom Wine Bottle Holders

Instead of showing up with a bland bottle of wine (you’d be the nth guest to show up with a bottle of wine), why not mix it a bit by adding a unique wine bottle holder? There are lots of


wine bottle holders that won’t set you back hundreds of dollars, including a peculiar metal chain one that gives the illusion of the wine bottle floating in the air. The variety of wine bottle holders should give you a long list of wine gift ideas to pick from.

Wine Thermometer

Everyone loves a chilled glass of wine. Why not throw in a wine thermometer to complete your unique wine gift? These thermometers are tastefully designed to complement the elegance of any wine bottle. You can choose different colors to fit the occasion. For instance, you can get a red wine thermometer for your valentine this year. Make sure you include the thermometer when checking out wine, if you ordered online, to take advantage the affordable of wine delivery NZ services. They won’t charge extra for the thermometer.

Fancy Wine Glasses

There are so many wine glasses out there. They come with different odds and bits, which can make a great present. Take for instance a glass that transforms from a tumbler to a wine glass. It comes with several detachable bases that transform the glass from a wine glass, to a water glass, a cognac glass or even a water glass. Wrapping it up with a bottle of wine makes for one of the best wine gifts you can come up with.

Those are just some ideas to get you thinking. The truth is, there are plenty of wine gifts you can come up with. Look for some inspiration, and we’re sure you’ll pick up the perfect gift.


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