Top Reasons Why Kiwis Prefer Wine as a Perfect Gift for Weddings and Birthdays


For long, wine has always been considered the perfect gift. Did you know ancient Greeks thought wine was a present from the gods (well, it could be!)? Even the ancient Egyptians took it a little too far; they buried their departed with an abundance of wine!

You’d think it would have become passé in today’s world, but wine gifts in NZ are more popular with weddings and birthdays than ever before. And here are top reasons why Kiwis are dead right on the spot.

Top Reasons Why Kiwis Prefer Wine as a Perfect Gift for Weddings and Birthdays

Wine Gets Better As It Ages

A few things in the world can beat wine gifts NZ because they get better with each year they age. That in itself makes wine something that recipients can still enjoy one year or a decade later after the birthday or wedding. What an ideal present, right? Imagine celebrating your wedding anniversary with wine gifts from your NZ friends or family.

Wine Gifts NZ Are The Easiest Presents To Wrap – Ever!

Wondering why wine presents are the best alcohol gifts in NZ? Think again; the whole wine-wrapping process is effortlessly easy. Just remove the price tag from the bottle, tie a sassy ribbon around its neck, and hand it to the birthday boy, girl or wedding couples. And, well, just bask in the gifting glory!

NZ Wine Gifts Brings about Happy Times

Kiwis know it best; wine gifts lead to jolly good times! It’s known, but consuming wine makes people feel more comfortable, merrier, and generally awesome. What more could you want from a wedding or birthday gift, right? If at all we could say the same about the tenth toaster or, God forbid, another tie.

Too expensive? Too cheap? No worries – wine gifts in NZ work at all pricetags

Have you ever found anyone who cringes after opening a bottle of vino? I’ll wait. Be it a cheap table wine or vintage Chardonnay, wine gifts, especially in NZ, work in all price ranges. That’s why wine makes for the best alcohol gifts in NZ. It works like a charm – and doesn’t break your bank.

Re-Gifting Wine is Easy

Sure, receiving wine gifts at your wedding or birthday is an honor, but re-gifting the bottle takes it up a notch. I am yet to hear of someone who has complained about a wine re-gift.

Wine Boasts Numerous Health Benefits

What is better than a gift that says: drink to good health? That right; wine is good for your heart, lowers the risk of blood pressure, heals dementia, and helps people shed a few pounds to mention a few.


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