Why You Should Try Our Top Shelf Liquor Store?


Top Shelf Liquor Store

Do you want a break from cheap booze and try some of our great top shelf liquor? Cheap alcohol is great and it is what most people drink or keep in their bar. On the other hand, top shelf liquor is often described as smoother without the sensation of a chemical burn. It is more expensive and hence, a hell of a value! Do you wonder why the high value liquors are called top shelf liquors? Well, bars keep their good liquors at the top shelf and their average and cheap options at the bottom of their bar cabinets where they can easily reach for them. If you want to confidently order top shelf liquor next time you are hanging out at your favourite bar, there are some things to know.

Top Shelf Liquor Categories

This liquor can be categorised as either light or dark. The light liquors consist of tequila, gin and vodka while whisky, scotch and brandy make up the dark liquors.  The more aging the liquor has, the better the taste and feel and hence the higher the price. Gin is distilled from malt or grain then flavoured with berries, rum is distilled from molasses or sugar cane, tequila from the blue agave plant and sake distilled from rice wine. Finally, vodka is a true neutral spirit that is sometimes flavoured.  When it comes to the dark spirits, brandy is distilled from wine or fruit, whisky from barley, rye, wheat or corn, and bourbon made from 51% corn. While top shelf liquor can be smoother and have less of a hangover the next day, it really depends on how you drink it, your alcohol tolerance and whether you eat and drink water while at it. You can enjoy your top shelf liquor in different ways such a:

  • Chilled – which means it’s cold
  • Shaken – which means shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker
  • Neat – which means served without a mixer or ice
  • On the rocks – which means served with ice
  • Straight up – which means chilled with no ice.

When you want to enjoy your top shelf liquor store at home, then you can order from top shelf liquor stores that deal in high-end liquor. Actually, choosing to buy your top shelf liquor from a liquor store than from a bar will be less expensive because bars have to charge more because they offer an entertainment environment. However, there are a few things to consider before ordering your top shelf liquor. Consider the best top shelf liquor store and check if they carry high end and exotic liquors. You want to make sure that they stock the kind of high quality liquor you want. Here is what you should look for in a top shelf liquor store:

  • The product variety. Your ideal liquor store should stock everything whether it is in their physical store or online liquor store. When you can see a great selection of wines, spirits an d beer, then shopping for your high quality liquor will be such a breeze!
  • Be accessible. You shouldn’t have to struggle just to get to your liquor store. Having a liquor store near you or accessible online makes shopping for fine liquor an easy convenience.
  • The store cares about quality. The best top shelf liquor store will provide lots of information on the quality of the alcohol products and even offer tastings for new products.

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