Try These Awesome Liquors That Come in Cool Liquor Bottles


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Don’t you just love it when you buy some good alcohol and get a cool bottle that you can repurpose as décor? Whether you love your wine, champagne, whisky or brandy, your alcohol doesn’t have to come with a bland bottle. You can choose a great drink that comes packaged in something that inspires a lot of wows.

Check out our online liquor store for a great range of liquor and premium cool liquor bottles that you get to keep. From different colours to interesting shapes and designs, you can get cheap alcohol NZ in a really eye-catching bottle without having to pay an arm and leg for it. The best part? You no longer have to throw your bottle in the garbage but will want to display it on your counter or use it as a vase for your flowers in the living room. If you are looking to get your hands on such a bottle, here are some of the most amazing bottles of all time.:

  • Absolut electric
  • Disaronno
  • Blanton’s bourbon
  • Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack
  • Germain
  • Crystal Head Vodka
  • Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection
  • Louis XIII Black Pearl
  • Ladoga Imperial Collection
  • Armand da Brignac Champagne
  • Samurai Vodka
  • Jack Daniel’s Chess Game
  • Frozen Ghost Vodka
  • Hibiki 17 Whisky
  • Milagro Barrel Reserve Silver
  • KAH Tequila

The above are just some of the well-known liquors that come packaged in a cool bottle. There are many more and depending on your budget you can get cheap alcohol NZ or splurge for an expensive one from our online liquor store. They look great in your bar and make for a great gift to your loved ones or acquaintances – you can rest assured that they won’t be throwing out that bottle once they’ve drained the last drop of alcohol in it! Here are some of the cool liquor bottles you can get from our online liquor store:

  • Blanton’s Bourbon

If you love a smooth drink, and a cool bottle to boot, then you definitely should make Blanton’s Bourbon your next purchase. It is an ultra-premium whiskey and its bottle looks amazing, like something out of a rich pirate’s cabin. Shaped like a grenade with the feel of expensive perfume, this is one bottle you will want to keep.

  • Louis XIII Black Pearl

Thus cognac comes in one of the best bottle designs ever. At a glance, the bottle looks like silvery steel but essentially it is crafted from a Baccarat crystal and reflects light so beautifully making it a great centrepiece.

  • Crystal Head Vodka

You have probably seen this liquor bottle somewhere and we bet it looked cool to you as it does to us. Crystal Head Vodka was launched in 2009 and the liquor is in a bottle shaped like a skull head.

  • Hibiki 17 Whiskey

How about some blended whisky from Japan? Hibiki 17 is a great liquor aged for 17 years and is highly awarded. The whisky was featured in the film ‘Lost in Translation’ and it not only looks pretty cool but has become quite the cultural icon.

  • KAH Tequila

Yet another liquor that comes in a skull head shaped bottle, KAH Tequila is fun and spooky. Brewed in Mexico, the tequila is made from blue agave and the bottle design inspiration drawn from ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration. It costs between $40 and $60 and the skull head is yellow with red fiery designs that make it look like a cool piece of Halloween art.

There are a lot of alcohols that come in unique bottles and are bound to catch your eye better than plain bottles. You can get cheap alcohol NZ at our online liquor store and enjoy pouring your drink from a cool bottle.

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