Why Online Alcohol Delivery NZ is Popular


It might appear a lot too fashionable to order liquor online in New Zealand today. You place an order online, picking all your favourite brands and conveniently checking out at the comfort of your sofa. Many deliveries take a little more than a few hours before the delivery guy knocks at your front door.

But much as it is glamorous ordering wine, beer and spirits online, the real thrill is with the convenience this wonderful concept comes with. Nearly all mainstream retailers across NZ today offer swift alcohol delivery in as little as just an hour. And they cover the entire country, from Auckland and Wellington to as far beyond as Christchurch and countless other locations.

But what’s making online Alcohol Delivery NZ this popular?

From a distance, it would be hard to tell whether it is the overabundance of online alcohol shops that has endeared ordinary booze lovers to the charm of online liquor delivery NZ. Maybe, the many store’s no-frills fulfilment choices simply are irresistible for a bigger number of those who prefer to get their favourite wine off an online store.

Or perhaps, it is part of the new age trends that are poised to change the way beer, wine, gin or whiskey is to be bought in the future.

Well, the reasons behind the upsurge in online liquor purchases and deliveries today vary. And they suitably fit well in the present-day omni channel commerce industry and the wider consumer needs.

First, the nature of many booze lovers lends itself to the online, on-demand model whereby one's favourite bottle of whiskey is just a few buttons away. These last-minute notice orders go well with those who wouldn’t feel good dashing into a liquor store after work, or whenever their fridges run dry.

A majority of online alcohol stores that also deliver to their clients boast of an extensive range of branded liquors. A little look at their stores paints a picture of a large retailer with a specialty in both the local brands and foreign varieties.

They’ve made access to all premium wine brands, centuries’ old gin, whiskey, rum, beer, and spirits a lot simpler. On top of that, it becomes a lot clearer that their prices are way lower than what one could pay at a normal beer shop across the street.

When purchased online, high-end liquor varieties don’t cost an arm and a leg. Some cost a few hundred dollars while others are offered as part of ongoing discounts, prizes, and offers. Their slashed prices ideally boil down to the absence of extra costs, including business licensing fees, rent, and other expenses.

But perhaps the greatest reason why many people nowadays prefer alcohol delivery NZ has a lot to do with the Coronavirus and the increase in online shopping. See, many bars and liquor stores were once closed, and all these retailers could do was to do deliveries.

And today, when the numbers have since dropped, online alcohol NZ is still a solid part of the new normal. It’s getting entrenched in our lifestyle, perhaps further buoyed by the looming holiday season. It appears though that buying alcohol online could soon be a new normal!


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