Buy Alcohol Online NZ: Top Tips for Gifting Alcohol


It can be quite daunting to figure out how to gift alcohol properly. This is because, sometimes, it can be inappropriate to gift someone alcohol and it is also a head scratching affair when it comes to figuring out what to look for, how to present it. Gifting alcohol can therefore feel like an extreme sport with the potential to make some bad choices because it is influenced by culture, history and personal preferences.

Looking for Alcohol Gifts NZ can be tricky business. Think, do you give fortified wines or spirits? Sparkling or still wine? Beer or cider? Whisky, vodka or gin? Indeed, it is quite a tricky affair. Don’t worry though, we have some tips to guide you! While the main thing that will influence the alcohol drink you choose is the personal taste preference of your recipient, there are however scenarios that can are apt for alcohol gifting. Here are some of them:

Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties & Housewarming Parties Etc.

Gifting alcohol at a party means that:

  • You are gifting the hosts not the rest of the guests.
  • It is highly likely that your alcohol gift will be consumed on the same day.

As a result, buy cheap alcohol NZ and ensure you choose manly wine or beer. Sparkling wines like cava, and moscatos or still wines whether white, red or rose are great budget-friendly choices. Put in a simple packaging such as a gift bag for wine and a bow for a six-pack of beer.

For birthdays however, extra thoughtfulness will be more meaningful to the birthday girl or boy. You can choose the alcohol they like at an online liquor store. Look for versions of their favourite alcohol and add extras such as custom beer mugs or wine glasses that will feel extra special to the birthday girl or boy.

Milestones Such as Weddings and Anniversaries

Significant milestones in people’s lives are worth celebrating and a great chance to gift alcohol. However due to the specialness of milestones, go all out in choosing a great option. Vintage wines when choosing wine gifts NZ, are especially a great choice especially if the wine matches the year related to the celebration.

Since these milestones are occasions where you can go all out, you can ensure the wine is creatively packaged and add extra stuff such as wine glasses. Choose an online wine shop for high quality options with the option of wine delivery in NZ and ensure that you will be home or at the site of celebration when the wine arrives to avoid the delivery service holding it as especially in the summer, the heat will not be friendly to your wine.


Holidays are a great time for alcohol gifting and even choosing the alcohol gets easier. For example, there are beers for every season, alcohol that goes with the particular holiday dishes etc. Choose your online alcohol NZ, and package in a gift bag, box or basket. You can add a seasonal food to match your choice of alcohol.

On overall, gifting alcohol is great as it sends a message and is also a gift that makes for an enjoyable experience.

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