Tips for Assembling the Perfect Alcohol Gift NZ Basket


Want to buy an alcohol gift NZ? Then you should seriously consider giving an alcohol gift basket. It’s practically impossible to mess up alcohol gifts NZ, especially if you know the recipient of the gift well. Who would turn down a great-looking bottle of single malt scotch or world-class tequila straight from Mexico?

What’s so great about alcohol gift baskets is that you can fill them with an array of bottles and alcohol-friendly snacks from Cheap Alcohol NZ to small packages such as peanuts.

How to assemble the perfect alcohol gift baskets

Putting together a great alcohol gift basket takes more than just throwing in a few bottles in a basket or container.

What should you include in your alcohol gift baskets?

When filling up your alcohol gift basket, you can opt to go for a two or three-bottle collection or if you’d prefer, you can also opt for single bottles. Some options you can include in the basket are:

  • A nice whisky bottle that’s perfect for the adventurous whisky lover. If you really want to leave a mark, consider choosing a whisky from a region that the gift recipient hasn’t tried before so that you can help the gift recipient expand their horizons and taste.
  • A bottle of Mezcal can be just the thing that you need to wow a tequila loves.
  • An expensive malt for the scotch whisky enthusiast that knows how to tell the difference between island single malts and lowlands malts.

Plan before you start assembling

Try and think about how you want your gift basket to look. What do you want it to say about you? Is there a specific reaction you are hoping for from the recipient? What are some of the things that the recipient likes? Putting all these things into consideration will go a long way in helping you pick the right drinks and gift stuffers to include in your alcohol gift basket.

Make it as personal as possible

Of course, the entire point of assembling an alcohol gift basket is to individualize it for the person that you intend to gift it to. However, apart from alcoholic drinks, try and think of some of the other ways that you can make your gift package more personal. For instance, if you are buying the alcohol gift for a candy lover, perhaps you might consider including some candy in your gift basket that pairs well with whichever type of alcohol that you choose to include.

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