Red or white Wine, which wine goes better with your meal?


Quick tips for beginners to choose from Red or White Wine.

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Choosing the right wine to go with your meals can be a hard task especially if you are not a wine expert. It becomes harder if you are looking for a good combination to please your guests. Well don’t be too hard on yourself; they will sure appreciate the time you spent preparing the meal and drinks for them. Below are some hints to help you with your meal wine pairing. 

Read the tasting notes

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Before you decide to make a purchase its ideal to read the tasting notes written by others which are easily available if you Google them. These should also tell you the meal combination, serving temperature etc.

 Red or White Wine

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As a general rule of thumb Red wine go better with red meats and white wine with white meats. If you will be serving beef or any other red meat, then you can just go with red. If your meals will be chicken, fish, light cheese and other white foods, try out the white wine. Pinot Noir is the most popular red wine in New Zealand followed by Merlot. In white wines Sauv Blanc is the top seller followed by Pinot Gris.

Type of dish you are making

If you are making some Italian dishes, you can opt to go with wines made in Italy. When you buy wine online, it is possible to get wines from different countries. Just ask for assistance from the owners of the store, and they will help you to choose based on the origin.

Where are your guests from?

If your guests are flying in from another country, you can surprise them by pairing their meal with a bottle of wine made in their country. It will be a gesture they will appreciate especially if they are wine enthusiasts. In New Zealand its easy enough to buy wines from all across the world. stocks more than 4000 products to choose from.

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