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 Single Malt Whisky


There are hundreds of Single Malt Whiskies in the market each exhibiting its own unique characteristics. The flavors also vary: but you can find a variety of whiskeys with the same flavor. Liquor stores have made it easy by classifying them for you. You just have to tell them the flavors you love, and they will give you lots of whiskeys that have that flavor. You can try out different flavors and experience the satisfaction that each one of them comes with. The flavor of whiskey comes from its contact with the oak casks. Each type has its own maturation. If you are new to flavors, consider the following five classifications to help you decide which one is best for you.


These are wines that exhibit fresh flavors like green organics and soft fruits. They reflect the processes followed by distinct distilleries such as fermentation. The light flavor is also known as the floral, or fresh flavor. It’s light on the palate.


Rich entails the vanilla, chocolate, nutty, and dried fruit flavors. The rich flavors are imparted at the finishing stage or the maturation. At this stage, the oak works with the liquid to create refined changes in flavor.


The full, oily, rich whiskeys have something medicinal about them; from the quality of the peat smoke. This category has whiskeys that contain a discernible level of peat. The peat is burnt in the malting process. Peat smoke could be bonfires, scented smoke, lapsang souchong, and kippers.


Cheap alcohol NZ in this category are the ones that do not use peat in the malting process. They fall between light floral and natty biscuit flavors.


These are flavors that are either sharp or mellow. They can be spicy like pepper in the throat or so soft like autumn berries.

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