Alcohol Gifting 101: How to Give Alcohol Gifts NZ the Right Way


Giving alcohol as a gift can be a tricky affair. When is it appropriate to gift booze? What should you look for in alcohol gifts NZ? Should you pair it with something else, gift-wrap it, or present it as is?

Consider this post your crash-course in gifting alcohol 101.


Buy alcohol online in NZ and save money

Ahh, the internet is a truly magical thing. Today, not only can you buy alcohol gifts NZ, but you can also order it via an app or site and have the booze delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy. That’s the beauty of alcohol delivery NZ!

For the boss

In some workplaces, it’s customary to serenade your boss and co-workers with gifts at the end of the year. Perhaps you want to celebrate your boss’s anniversary, promotion, or birthday.

No matter the occasion, a gift of alcohol is a no-brainer choice. The trick, however, is not to cheap out, so keep it classy and sophisticated. If the alcohol can last long after opening, that’s a big bonus.

  • Wine: Port, Madeira, or fortified wines
  • Liquor: Premium label stuff like bourbon, scotch, Armagnac, or cognac
  • Price range: Top dollar
  • Presentation: In-person, on its own

For housewarming or dinner party

When you give alcohol gifts NZ at a dinner or housewarming party, it pays to remember that you’re not gifting for other guests, but rather the host. Because the booze may be taken the same night, you won’t go wrong with beer or wine.

  • Wine: Sweet wines like Moscato, sparkling like Cava, or still wines
  • Beer: Local ale, preferably multi-pack
  • Price range: Mid-range or cheap alcohol NZ
  • Presentation: Festive beer packaging, wine gift-bag

For milestones

Are looking for alcohol gifts in NZ for births, anniversaries, significant birthdays, graduations, or weddings? Your alcohol gift should scream “special,” which is why sparkling wine is the go-to for most people

  • Wine: Sparkling wine
  • Price range: Mid-range
  • Presentation: Gift basket, making sure the wine is the centerpiece

For holidays

Want to bring some Christmas cheer to a loved one? Wines like champagne rosé, or really any white will do the trick. You don’t have to splurge on this, so consider buying alcohol online NZ. Alcohol delivery NZ services will also save you oodles of money.

  • Wine: Sparkling wine, Tokaji, Madeira, or Port
  • Beer: Any seasonal beer
  • Liquor: Any spirit or whiskey will do, so whatever the recipient is game for
  • Price range: Mid-range
  • Presentation: Basket, gift box, or gift bag

When it comes to regular occasions like birthdays, you don’t want to break the bank on the gift. As such, you should stick to cheap alcohol NZ, or go personal with craft beers.

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