Blue Duck Vodka -An ideal gift to buy online NZ

by Scott Collins on August 19, 2016

Blue Duck Vodka -An ideal gift to buy online NZ


Blue Duck Vodka is one of the best Vodka distilled in New Zealand. It has been awarded numerous awards with the latest GOLD MEDAL in 2015 SIP Awards in the USA. It has also won a GOLD Medal and a CCA award for its consistence excellence from- The Fifty Best in the US. It has also won-   

  • Double GOLD- 2014 San Francisco Spirit Awards
  • GOLD- USA's Fifty Best Imported Vodka list. 
  • Voted - The WORLDS 10 BEST VODKA 2015

Blue Duck Rare Vodka has been inspired from and is dedicated to the endangered Blue Duck also known as Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos. This duck can also be seen on the rear side of New Zealand $10 banknote. For ever bottle sold of this Vodka a percentage of the profits goes to the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand. This organisation is dedicated to the preservation of the Blue Duck for our future generations.

Blue Duck is a very high quality, premium vodka to buy online which is handcrafted, distilled 7 times in a reflex copper pot still and is blended with the purest water from New Zealand which is among the purest in the world. The seven distillations refine this vodka to produce a velvety smooth texture which gives it a distinctive and incomparable taste.

This is one of the rarest vodka and makes an excellent gift to buy vodka online in NZ. With our online liquor delivery service at we can delivery this vodka all across New Zealand.


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by Lee Reynolds on February 14, 2019

Left NZ today and so disappointed that the Duty-free shops at Auckland Airport do not have any Blue Duck Vodka, they carry it but cannot get it stocked. Any reason for this? Also is there a place in the US that Americans can purchase your great vodka? Sounds like you either can’t produce enough to supply in NZ and therefore are unable to ship overseas.


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