Bacardi 151 Rum- An ideal gift to buy online NZ for men


If you have heard of Bacardi 151 then you know it is a highly potent rum. This is not for faint hearts and you should never attempt to down Bacardi in a go, as you might go with wine or some less potent drink. With 75.5% alcohol, you need to take it slow, and even then, going raw is just not a viable option. So, here are a few ways to drink Bacardi 151 without collapsing on yourself. All these are cocktail type drinks meant to reduce the potency of the drink.

You can buy Bacardi 151 online at This rum is a favourite among men in New Zealand. If you are unsure what to buy as a present for your friend it is a safe bet to buy a Bacardi 151 rum online. Here are our 5 of the favourites cocktails made with this rum.

The fruit punch

This trick goes well with any type of juice, according to your preference. Depending on your tolerance, you might have equal parts Bacardi and juice, more parts Bacardi than juice, or more juice than Bacardi. For taste, throw in a little lime. If you want it sweet, choose a sweet juice such as strawberry. You should not feel restricted to using a single type of fruit juice. Experimentation is advised here, you might just come up with a great cocktail for the world.

With soft drinks

Bacardi 151 Rum- An ideal gift to buy online NZ for men

For this, you might prefer to use Coca-Cola. All you need is about a quarter glass Bacardi and then fill it up with Cola. You might throw in ice and use lime to garnish it.


The sweetened mint cocktail

Bacardi 151 Rum- An ideal gift to buy online NZ for men

For this, you will need mint leaves, but do not go overboard. A few leaves, about 8, should do the trick. You will also need to add about two (and a half) tea spoo of sugar. You might also need a number of lime wedges, but you can totally opt out of this. Basically, just mix the Bacardi and sugar in a shaker and top up with club soda. Then garnish with the mint leaves and lime.

The energy cocktail

This is tricky and unless you need extreme energy do not go for this option. Mix half parts Bacardi 151 with one part of some other liquor, one with less than 40% potency, something in the Applejack range. Then add Red Bull to the mixture and garnish with lime.

The chocolate drink

If you are a sweet and sour person, you will no doubt love this. Blend 1 1/2 parts Bacardi 151 with 1 part milk and two or three scoops of chocolate flavored ice cream. You might also add a little coffee liquor, though not necessarily. Then serve chilled.



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