A Guide to Buying the Best Gin Online


 A Guide to Buying the Best Gin Online

No matter how you like your martini, it’s only as good as the gin in it. It doesn’t matter how well it is shaken or stirred, what makes a great glass of martini is the gin. That’s why you should know how to buy the best gin online. Read on, and you’ll learn a thing or two about gin, what makes a bottle of gin great, and what to look out for.


A Guide to Buying the Best Gin Online

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The Connoisseur’s Guide to the Best Gin

  1. Age

Unlike other alcoholic beverages such as wine and whiskey, gin bottles don’t show the age of the drink. The reason why age is not shown on the bottle is age has nothing to do with the quality of gin. In fact, the only thing that matters is how the spirit was prepared, so don’t get sucked in by that 10-year bottle of gin on display. It might not be so different from a 1-year-old gin bottle.

  1. Price

Like the age, price should not be taken as an indicator of quality. In most cases, a bottle of gin costs more than the rest because it was either handcrafted or produced in small quantities. The taste and quality of an expensive bottle of gin, therefore, may not be superior to a cheaper bottle.

  1. There’s Nothing Like Premium or Luxury Gin

To some extent, all gins are created equal. What separates a good bottle of gin from a bad bottle is the craftsmanship and the distillation process. That’s why most manufacturers refrain from labelling their gins as premium or luxury.

  1. Test Drive a Bottle of Genever

Genever is the original gin. It will give you a good baseline to tell the difference between good and bad gin. However, because you cannot taste a bottle of gin in a liquor shop, or when you buy gin online, it’s prudent to make sure the bottle you’re about to buy has some good feedback from people who tried it before.

  1. Try the Gin at a Bar

Before you commit to buy gin online NZ, head over to a bar and order a gin cocktail from the same brand. If you like it, go on and buy it. If you don’t continue shopping and testing several more gin brands. Bartenders stock many different brands, so most likely you’ll get the brand at a bar. Also, bars are the best place to test your gin palette because the bartender may offer interesting facts about a bottle you may have skipped while shopping online. 


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