Top 6 Rum in 2022 in New Zealand


Rum has come a long way from its origins as a pirate's favourite beverage to becoming one of the world's most popular spirits. While the black, heavy-bodied rum kind is arguably the most well-known across the world, rum comes in various forms and sizes, or at the very least all colours, according to those who like it.


  1. Embassy Golden NZ Rum is a premium rum produced in New Zealand.

As previously stated, there are many various varieties of rum available, with Embassy Gold Rum serving as the gold standard in New Zealand. According to the original Kiwi way of doing things, Embassy Rum began as a simple pastime between a few of friends but has since developed into an authentic and pure experience. A smooth and sweet palate with traces of cinnamon, followed by a marzipan finish, was created using New Zealand rainwater and experimental spice and fruit infusions. Embassy was born into being as a result of these experiments.

  1. A Lunatic and a Lover

A passage from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was the inspiration for Lunatic & Lover's description of the ageing process for their rum, which they describe as "coaxing a little magic out the wood." This produces what they call a Botanical Rum, which has notes of vanilla and caramel in the aroma and flavouring. Not to add that their bottle is just as lovely as their name and the country from whence they hail. Silver or barrel rested options are available.

  1. Spiced rum with a broken heart flavour.

Following our discussion of lovely floral and gold rums, it's time to introduce some spice. It takes three years for Broken Heart Rum to develop its distinctive and delectable blend of spices before serving you with an exceptionally smooth palate of vanilla, cinnamon, and caramelised orange. Broken Heart Rum is a dark rum that has spent three years maturing in a barrel and absorbing a unique and delectable concoction of spices before serving you with an exceptionally smooth palate of vanilla, cinnamon, and caramelised orange. Broken Heart Spiced Rum, which pays homage to its Kiwi origins, is distilled in the clean south of New Zealand, utilising the country's purest alpine water. It's the perfect remedy for a broken heart.

  1. Grenada Bay Golden Rum is a rum from Grenada.

While the name may sound a little Spanish, Grenada Bay Golden Rum hails from the island of Grenada. The island of Grenada is well-known for its incredibly smooth and smokey sweetness, but it is also noted for combining creativity with sustainability, concocting its rum with only organic and natural flavours. Go to Grenada if you want a pure, high-quality option.

  1. Honest Six Spiced Botanical Rum is a rum made with spices and botanicals.

See, rum has progressed well beyond the lips of pirates and into the hands of individuals with more refined palates. Honest Rum is another rum that aspires to be ethical, and it was created by two friends from different parts of the world during a time of lockdown. There's something unusual about the taste: heated spices are tempered by citrus bursts and aromatic hints from the South American tonka bean, resulting in a delicate and intricate little blend. The burned sugarcane palate leaves a velvety feeling on the palate, and the finish has a warmth to it that is almost like eating cinnamon toast for breakfast.

  1. Russell Spiced Rum is a rum that is spiced with cinnamon and cloves.

Russell rum with spices

Russell Spiced Rum is another another Rum baby created as a result of the epidemic. Chris and Elliot tinkered with their cocktail, starting with a basis of rum acquired from the Caribbean after an 18-month quest. They wanted to incorporate the daring spirit of the Bay of Islands' Russell into their creation. They created a "refined rum, spiced by rascals," with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, citrus, and clove. They polished the results during lockdown and bottled it immediately, resulting in a "refined rum, spiced by rascals."

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