Top 5 Cheap NZ Gins Worth Giving a Shot


After yet another busy day, your taste buds are dying for a fruit-forward cocktail made from your favourite NZ Gins. You simply can’t wait to take a sip and get the much-deserved kick. It is Gin o’clock, and you simply can’t keep calm!

But forget about Vaione, Karven, Revenge Gin or Hidden World Gin for once. Forget all the much-respected artisanal gins, new-school botanicals, and all the other premium brands today, and give the so-called cheap gin brands a shot.

Our beautiful New Zealand is lucky to have an abundant supply of some of the region’s best gin brands from the leading local Kiwi distillers. I’m not talking out the same-old classics kept at grandma's top shelf, nor any common flavoured brands and classic crafts.

Time to try cheap gin brands from New Zealand

A quality selection for a decent ginhead, here is New Zealand’s most recommended brands.

  1. Beefeater Gin

No ‘budget’ gin tastes so good, yet remains many people’s ultimate everyday mainstay more than Beefeater. A brand so good it always features in top-dollar publications, Beefeater is arguably the most affordable brand in the world.

Beefeater comes in several tastes, including London Dry, Premium, Pink and Blood Orange, all tasting exceptionally fresh, pure and crisp. But for someone who would prefer a premium-quality pick for a cocktail or to simply experiment with different botanicals and finishes, Beefeater never disappoints. You just have to be careful when opening its diffuser cap.

  1. Bosford Rose London Dry Gin

This drink’s vibrant pink shade should give a hint to the tasty flavours you can expect. And for sure, this gluten-free gin, distilled using the recipe and the original botanicals of the first bottle in 1948, is a great name.

As describes this ‘Holy Grail of affordable NZ Gins, Bosford Rose’s light sweetness flavour suitably softens the sometimes-bitter taste of ordinary brands. Bosford gin comes in juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon and orange peel palates.

  1. Bombay Sapphire Gin


A quality bottle at the right price, the Bombay Sapphire Gin also is one of New Zealand’s best budget gins. This brand isn’t the best for no reason: its recipe consists of 10 rare herbs drawn from as far as the Mediterranean, Morocco, China, and Indonesian.

Apart from the excellent distillation it undergoes, this gin is also steamed with superb flavours that give it the perfectly balanced and elegant taste it has. A cocktail consisting of a lemon slice does great justice to this gin, even though the flavour isn’t long-lasting.

  1. Plymouth English Gin

Yes, it’s possible to taste Plymouth, a timeless classic gin from England's oldest working gin distillery even when on a budget. Plymouth Gin still has the same citrus and earthy flavour consisting of juniper, lemon peel, and angelica root of 1793.

It comes in two brands, but a perfect choice for someone looking for a gin with a bit more powerful punch. Grab a bottle of this classy, seriously understated gin in NZ, it never disappoints.

  1. Black Robin Rare Gin

From a blend of 11 different botanicals is a gin that distilled for a classy budget gin-lover. Black Robin Rare Gin isn’t exactly rare in New Zealand, especially for someone looking for gentle botanical chervil, watercress, parsley and mint taste.

A bottle of Black Robin Rare Gin never costs much. But the fact that it is additives and preservatives-free and never smells like any cheap gin gives it a plus. It’s worth every penny!

Aside from the five, you can also sample Broken Heart Gin, South Gin or Rogue Society Gin. All these are specific to you, a gin-lover who always thinks that all NZ Gins have a similar taste perhaps because you’ve never tried brands crafted to perfection, with the main focus on quality.


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