Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

by Scott Collins on August 14, 2017

Here is a list of the 12 most famous Gins that are made in New Zealand. Usually, a good solid gin like Gordon dry gin or Bombay Sapphire Gin is your go to gin but in the past few years, there has been a huge jump in demand for locally made gins as they are crafted in much smaller quantity with the main focus on their quality.

The list is in no particular order and we believe all the gins listed here are worth trying but only in moderation.

Black Robin Rare Gin

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

A Gin with 43% ABV made from a blend of 11 different botanicals is going to give you a contemporary interpretation of a London Dry Gin. It is free from additives and preservatives and the scent is clear of any hint of alcohol which gives a multilayered substructure of candid lemon and lime zest rises to a gentle botanical mix of chervil, watercress, parsley and mint in the middle that mixes with an exceptional delicacy of liquorice root and star anise to finish.

Lighthouse Gin 42% ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Made from a unique blend of 9 botanicals this Gin has impressed the connoisseurs and the experts around the globe. Lighthouse Gin has been given exceptional reviews and high scores by the judging panels time after time. It is a pure and complex gin with lemon and juniper accents to being and a finely spiced mid palate and soft lingering finish.

Broken Heart Gin 40% ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Distilled in South Island from the glacial water of Queenstown, the water gives the gin a level of fresh crispness. Distilled with the top quality botanicals with Pimento and ginger working together as core drivers to the spice flavours which come through on the palate.

South Gin 40.2 % ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Made in New Zealand by the same people who were behind the 42 below Vodka.  Made with 9 different botanicals, Tuscan juniper berries are used in less quantity as compared to a Classic London Dry Gin which gives an opportunity to experiment with a wider range of flavours. They use New Zealand grown Manuka berries kawakawa leaves which gives it a fresh flavour and silky smoothness.

Rogue Society Gin 40% ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

It is an artisan dry gin which is a perfect combination of 12 botanicals giving 12 unique notes. With Juniper to the fore, each note complimenting the next one. This is hand crafted in passionately blended and patiently batch distilled in a hand beaten 19th century John Dore copper pot still. This is one fine Gin.

Karven Dry Gin 40.8% ABV  (Organic Gin)

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Made from high quality GMO free grain and is made from 8 selected organic botanicals including native Manuka Flower and local citrus fruits. Gin is very smooth with classic juniper notes followed with bursts of fresh New Zealand citrus, a subtle yet sweet floral note intrigues and hit of spice completes. Master distiller has 25+ years of experience and the Gin is distilled in the traditional way  but using a unique gravity-flow technique, the result is an exceptionally smooth and sophisticated Gin.

Reid + Reid 42% ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Distilled in Martinborough and produced with 13 botanicals. Reid+Reid gin is uniquely Kiwi, in that it is produced with three native New Zealand botanicals: kawakawa, manuka and horopito.

Sacred Spring Barrel Aged Gin 44% ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Aged for 3 months in two types of casks 14 year old used rum barrels and new French Oak barrels. The final product is exceptional. The huge oak flavour shines through the hints of sweetness drawn from the rum casks and the juniper, manuka and spice that is the hallmark of this Gin.

Vaione Pacific Gin

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Made from 12 botanicals, it is a gin with a unique citrus taste and not as dry as London Dry Gin, it has high level of citrus which comes naturally from the distillation process with no added flavours. More fuller in mouth compared to most dry gins and has excellent balance with a dollop of Juniper and Angelic dryness at the finish.

Revenge Gin 40% ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

A premium gin produced in batches of 200 liters using kawakawa and koheriki leaf and rose which produces a light, smooth and sophisticated gin which can be consumed on its own or with a range of other beverages.

Riot & Rose The Riot 1743

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Bright and fresh citrus present initially with bold aromatics in play. Mandarin & orange are punctuated by hints of fennel, star anise & cardamom, revealing a savoury element.  Notes of spiced pear & quince on the mid-palate provide robustness with tropical fruits giving balance. A kaffir lime finish bites through to provide a strong clean finish.

Mahurangi Gin 40% ABV

Top 12 New Zealand Made Gin

Made by using grape spirit which is distilled in the pot stills and batch rectification stills which result in a 96%+ ABV. It is then blended with natural organic botanicals sourced locally the process which takes away alcohol flavour and bring out the original flavours of the raw ingredient. It is dry in style with a silky mouth feel and pleasant juniper and herbal notes.

If you think we have missed any of your favorite New Zealand made gin let us know in comments below.

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by Claire on December 31, 2017

Hi… As a Gin drinker, I’d appreciate knowing whether these gins are compound or distilled? There are details on some, although having his info as standard would be great.


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