The Healthiest Alcoholic Drink Options


During these pandemic times and even while reporting to work, with availability of spirit store online it is normal to have an alcoholic drink as you unwind in the evening. However, due to the risk of overindulgence, it is necessary to do it in moderation. While some types of alcoholic drinks pack more calories than others, others have more health benefits. Whether you are drinking for enjoyment or as a way to unwind after a long day of work, you should try and take drinks that are healthier. Drinking alcohol that has potential health benefits occasionally will help you enjoy your alcohol without feeling guilty. We have a list of the most health-conscious drink options that you can enjoy in a healthy and mindful manner.


When it comes to calorie count, top shelf liquor is one of the best alcohols to indulge in especially the clear liquors. With a splash of liquor into a glass you can enjoy it neat or on the rocks and avoid a sugar hangover as well as extra calories from mixing drinks. If you want to add something, go for healthy juices, tonics, lemon or lime cocktails. You can try the following liquors such as:

  • Tequila which low calorie with 64 calories per shot.
  • Gin which is a low calorie with 73 calories per shot. It tastes especially great when mixed with tonic and lime
  • Vodka has the same number of calories as tequila. It is great for increasing blood flow through widening arteries. This helps in preventing heart diseases.

Red Wine

Red wine NZ may have more calories than other types of alcoholic drinks, it is one of the alcohols that have some of the most health benefits. There is a reason it has always been recommended that you should have a glass of red wine with your dinner. This is because red wine has plenty of polyphenols and which increase good cholesterol levels in the blood as well as support heart health.

Due to the health benefits of red wine, they make alcohol gifts NZ. The health benefits of red wine are due to the flavonoid quercetin that is a powerful antioxidant. As such small amounts of red wine are great when choosing to have healthier alcoholic drinks.

Light Beers


Beers are great as not only are they some of the cheap alcohol NZ, but also they are great for drinking alone or with friends. Beer has gotten some hate due to the high carb content. However, light beer is great as it is often less than 100 calories. It helps boost good cholesterol and thus makes it to our list of healthier alcohol drinks.

All in all, even when taking the healthier alcohol options, balance and moderation are key. Once in a while, indulge in your other favorite cocktails but for frequent drinking, these 3 healthier drinks are a great start.


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