How to Choose the Best Birthday Wine Gifts NZ


Wine Gifts NZ

Do you need the perfect gift to say “Happy Birthday” to your loved one? Wine gifts NZ make great birthday gifts. If someone special enjoys a good drink, why not indulge them for their birth day celebration. You can choose their alcoholic preference from our store and make them a good gift basket to liven up the occasion. Some of the alcohol to choose include

  • Wine gifts
  • Bourbon gifts
  • Whisky gifts
  • Gin gifts
  • Champagne gifts
  • Beer gifts
  • Vodka gifts
  • Brandy gifts, etc.

If your loved one is especially obsessed with wine, then you are can get a bit overwhelmed because there are thousands of wine varieties and you want to choose a good one for the special occasion. To do so, think about the preferences of the recipient. What kind of wine do they enjoy drinking? If they drink regularly then the wine shop can recommend something based on a few of the wines they enjoy. If they are new to wine, then something smooth and easy to drink will be a great choice. Point is, you can never go wrong with birthday wine gifts.  To help you narrow down your options and pick the best wine for your special someone, here are a few tips you can consider:

  • Get professional recommendations. Our wine store is more than happy to help you choose several options for your loved one.
  • Opt for a wine basket. Birthday win gift baskets have become popular because they give the recipient a chance to taste different wines. Choose your best wines and add some snacks and a birthday card to make it feel extra special.
  • Present an entire case. If you find a special wine and want to make it last longer, then gifting them a case is a great gift idea that will make the occasion feel special for your loved one.
  • Add special details. You don’t want to present a naked wine bottle to your special someone. Adding details such as packaging it in a cool box or wrapping it in a beautiful paper or even adding a special tag will feel more thoughtful to the recipient.
  • Add other wine-related gifts. Aside from the bottle of wine itself, you can present other alcohol gifts NZ such as alcohol infused coffee or chocolates, electric corkscrew, wine table, bottle chiller, fantasy wines, glasses etc.

Here are some of the wines that make great birthday wine gifts NZ:

  • Marchesi di Barolo Arneis 2013

This is great for white wine lovers and with its gold and yellow shades, it captures a festive mood perfectly. The Marchesi di Barolo Arneis had a fruity aroma and a fresh and fragrant taste.

  • Montevina Terra D’oro Zinfandel Port

This wine is great for birthdays because it has a sweet aroma and features blackberry jam and dark chocolate flavors. It is therefore a great drink with dessert or birthday cake after dinner.

  • Canyon Road Merlot

This one is a great birthday wine gift NZ with oak and vanilla tones and the sweet aroma of plum and black cherry.

Once you have an idea of the wine gift NZ you’d love to present to your loved one the add all the finishing touches and maybe a cute little speech and give it to them. We promise that they will be very happy to receive a birthday wine gift to mark their occasion.

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