Fireball Whisky NZ


Always bear in mind that Whisky in a beautiful bottle is an extension of your own unique style and personality. Whisky is beneficial to our health in a variety of ways by increasing your enjoyment, provided you drink in moderation. Fireball is one of the most popular liqueurs, along with many Single Malt Whiskey.

Fireball whisky is now one of the most popular and favored alcoholic beverage among both men and women. Introduced back in 1984 it is made from a mixture of Canadian whisky with cinnamon flavors.

Fireball cinnamon whisky has 33% alcohol and can be drunk straight as shots. The cinnamon gives it a fire like feeling in the mouth, hence the name Fireball. Up until 2000s it was hardly known overseas however the popularity kept on increasing. In 2018 Fireball became one of the best seller whisky in the USA and it became a well known brand overseas as well.

New Zealand market has well received this whisky and it competes with the likes of Jägermeister for the top selling spot.

Serving options:

  • Drink it straight “Straight shot” or on the rocks.
  • The Hotter Toddy- Mix it with tea, honey and lemon and drink it at lukewarm temperature
  • Mix some hot chocolate and drink it as a dessert whisky
  • Cider ball- add some cider
  • F-BOMB + Wings – Fireball with Red Bull, sure to give you wings of fire

These multiple options to drink the Fireball and its amazing taste makes it one of the most popular and preferred drink amongst men and women.

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