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Liquor Mart has a wide range of products available to purchase. We have a range of beverages to cater to the needs of everyone. A wide range of top-shelf liquor is also available, this can be grouped into two main categories: Light and Dark spirits:

  • Tequila and Gin fall into light categories,
  • Brandy, Scotch, and whiskey in the dark category

All spirits distilled can be one of four levels: 

  • Luxury 
  • Top shelf
  • Middle shelf 
  • Value

A general rule of thumb is- the longer it ages, the better the taste and the higher the price. Top shelf liquor brands vary greatly in their age, ingredients, brand name, origin country, packaging, supply and so on. These days $100 for a whisky is not uncommon, with people spending $100 to $200 on a decent bottle of top-shelf liquors.

Liquor Mart is a New Zealand-owned and operated online liquor store that enables you to purchase a top-shelf liquor range. They have an expert team with extensive knowledge about different wine brands and who carefully select a wide range of top-shelf wine, wine port, aged scotch, and more. They exquisitely detail your desired wine and make it fairly easy for you to decide quickly. Their top-shelf liquor range includes a wide variety of high-quality products. Let's take a look at some top shelf liquor in NZ:

Small-Batch Bourbon and Rye

This very popular American whiskey is in great demand today. Being one of the top-shelf liquor, it has maintained its dignity and can be seen in parties organized for various occasions. Jim beam small-batch bourbon 700ml, which is the fifth super-premium bourbon released by Jim Beam is amongst the top desired brands. Produced in limited quantities and hand-bottled it is not always easy to get hands on this product. If you see this product in stock you should buy it!

Bourbon and Rye

Single Malt Scotchs

Those with little knowledge of whiskies, usually have heard about the single-malt Scotch. This top-shelf can be enjoyed with ice cubes as the ice will only mute the heather and subtle hints of honey and saltiness to make it what it is. To open up the aroma, people in many counties like to sprinkle a little spring water in it. Made in Scotland in the finest distilleries with the finest ingredients these are always amongst the first choice of whisky lovers.

XO-Grade Cognac

XO grade cognac is clean and delicious to drink and you cannot go wrong witht hese. Most places will give you these in brandy cocktails also.  Along with good taste, it has got people talking and thinking about it. Remy Martin XO excellence Champagne Cognac is our top recommendation in this range.

Remy Martin XO

Anejo tequila range

Anejo tequila can be an interesting option if you are sitting in a bar and want to taste something new. This top-shelf tequila rocks neat in a glass. Herradura Anejo is a must-try tequila for tequila lovers. It is available to purchase at

If you are looking for a alcohol delivery NZ service, Liquor Mart might be the right choice. If you are planning to gift a bottle of wine to your loved ones, they can get the bottle neatly wrapped and delivered to your given address. Contact them for fast, efficient, and friendly service.





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