Best Wine Gifts to Buy Online This Summer in NZ


Picture this: your boss, hubby, sibling or friend is intimately into wine, and with summer fast approaching, you are hoping to throw a mad thanksgiving party just to honour them. But before the Annual Holiday Wine Follies in NZ and the chaotic last-minute dashes arrive, you’ve to figure out what bottle of wine to buy as a gift. And as you probably know, buying wine online isn’t a smooth experience, especially when you don’t have the right guidelines.  

Whether whoever you’re buying for is a wine snob, a connoisseur or just another someone-who-loves-fine-wine, one of the following wine gift will definitely up the alley!   

Best Wine Gifts to Buy Online This Summer in NZ

1. Wine Condoms 

Taking over the world of online shopping and everyone is very fine with it are Wine Condoms. They are perfect for those who can’t finish a bottle and would instead save it for a later date. Plus, these condoms are 100% reusable! 

2. Indoor Entertainment Aerating Wine Glass 

If you love something cool, glitzy and classy as a wine gift this summer, then an Indoor entertainment aerating wine glass will not disappoint. Not only does such a gift look super-awesome, but it also takes the whole experience to another new and memorable level. The drink becomes oxygenated as you down it! 

3. Wine Stein 

If you can’t figure out the right wine gift for them, just space yourself the hassles and buy a wine stein. It is perfect enough to turn an otherwise boring Thursday day into an awesome one.  

4. Saraceni Blumond Sparkling Wine 

Well, I can’t tell what your favourite wine in New Zealand is, but if you’ve never surprised someone who loves unique wine with exquisite taste, then you should try it out with Saraceni Blumond Sparkling Wine. A rich palate with superb chocolate and savoury notes it is! 

Best Wine Gifts to Buy Online This Summer in NZ

 5. Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with Spreader 

You can take their wine and cheese nights into a wholly incredible level with a plate that literally looks like a wine bottle. And they’ll love it! 

6. Meow Stemless Wine Glasses 

Hey Feline ladies, here’s what you will fall in love with! Plus, there’s no other way you’ll appear cat-like and express your affection for a glass (or three) of wine. A set can be great if it is for an entourage.  

7.Colored and Scented Drip Candles 

Anything more fascinating and mesmerizing than a candle that melts rainbow colours and makes the room smell nice? 

This colour drip candles will start melting immediately after you’re done with the first bottle.  

8. Cork Holder Art Wall Décor 

If you would like your friends to keep a record of what types of wine they’ve had, buy them a perfect cork holder. Besides, being a wall décor art means it is a lot cuter and timeless! 

9. Small Quotable Wine Towels 

To add some humour to that kitchen are several hysterical towels. The best thing about these sheets is the insane quotes that wine aficionados will only understand.  

10. Wineglass Hanging Rack 

To save some space and keep the glasses clean all the time, buy them a hanging rack.  

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