Best Alcohol Gifts to buy in New Zealand in 2022


What to Buy as a gift for our friends and family is a dreadful question which we are faced on a regular basis. It is a well known “First World Problem” along side with the question of “what to make for dinner tonight?” We cannot help you with the later question, however we have complied a list of alcohol gifts you should buy for any occasion.


Buy Wine Hamper

This hamper is going to put a smile on the face of the recipient. It consists of two wines, chocolate, chips and much more and is one of the most loved gift hamper sold by Liquormart. It is at such an affordable price that you cannot go wrong.


Whisky Hamper

A bottle of world-famous Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky packed with some goodies. This whisky is much loved amongst the patrons of whisky since early 1800s. This is our top selling hamper for anyone who likes a sip of whisky. Black label is such a smooth drink that it can be enjoyed on the rocks and will leave a mouth-watering taste.

Old Monk Legend Dark Rum 1 Litre in a Skull shaped bottle

This unique collectable bottle is bound to make everyone smile. Hard to come by Monk Head Shape bottle is unique and is usually a topic of conversation when pouring a drink. Old Monk is one of the oldest rum and amongst the highest selling rum in the world by volume. This aged rum is great in taste and has 42.8% alcohol. Usually sold for around $60 which is a bargain for what you get, making it a must buy alcohol gift in NZ.



Shot Bucket Mixed 28 shots

Shots are a great way to start a party!!! This big size bucket has total of 28 shots. A mixture of different flavors ensures everyone in your party has something available to their taste. Or better you can play a roulette to see who gets what shot. This bucket is well priced and makes a very popular alcohol gift amongst the customers of Liquormart.

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