Are Online Shop Alcohol Delivery Services A Good Initiative?


Over the past few years, the liquor industry all over the world has faced massive losses and stagnant growth due to the pandemic. But gradually as the economy is rising, the liquor industry is also gaining momentum, especially with online alcohol delivery services that have become the biggest game changer. Buying stuff online is a habit that has been developed by consumers. They now prefer and spend most of their time browsing products online and making purchases for almost all basic and essential commodities.

Alcohol Delivery Services

While the habit of placing orders online is picking up the pace, research shows that consumers find it more convenient to skip their trips down to the liquor stores and rather order their required drink online to avoid the hassle.

From our experience, here’s why we consider online wine shop delivery services a good initiative:

Prevents underage drinking- At present, there is no such way to prevent a teenager below the legal drinking age from walking directly into a liquor store and purchasing liquor of his/her choice. But alcohol delivery services of online liquor stores can prevent this with their age filter. The portal of the online store access age verification at different stages, i.e. during sign-up, KYC and delivery to ensure that teenagers below the legal age could consume alcohol. Moreover, the delivery agent is instructed to immediately cancel the order with an awareness message or notification to the teenager placing the order.

Reduces the fatal incidences of drinking & driving- As per the report, most road accidents are reported under drinking driving cases. Alcohol enthusiasts don’t even think twice about going to the liquor shop in the middle of the night and consuming it on the way to satisfy their cravings. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not only a serious offense but also life-threatening. With the alcohol delivery services of the liquor store, the incidences of road accidents can be controlled to a certain extent.

Consumer-friendly delivery service- More than 40% of alcohol consumers didn’t feel comfortable visiting the wine shop and 17% of them are women who feel more comfortable getting the online delivery rather than going to the store to pick up their choice of beverages. Maintaining privacy is a concern for alcohol enthusiasts, particularly, women. That’s why more and more consumers are shifting their interests to online wine shops for delivery to their doorstep.

There are many more reasons to prefer shopping for wine and spirits online. It is safe, stocks a wide range of premium liquors, and ensures on-time delivery- what else is required to consider liquor delivery services of online wine shops a good initiative?

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