A Premium Online Whisky Shop in New Zealand

Premium Online Whisky Shop

In the world of drinks, whisky is something really special. People who really know their drinks and those who just enjoy a casual sip both love it. If you're in New Zealand and you like whisky, you're going to love Liquor Mart. It's the best place to buy whisky online and have a great shopping experience.

We Offer an Exceptional Range of Whiskey from All Over the World:

Bourbon Whisky:

Bourbon whisky, known for its rich and robust flavor, has a unique place in the world of spirits. We bring you a curated selection of the finest bourbon whiskies, each bottle telling a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Whether you're a fan of classics or looking to explore new flavors, our collection has something for everyone.

Indian Whisky:

India, with its diverse culture and flavors, has emerged as a whisky-producing powerhouse. Our Indian whisky collection showcases the mastery of Indian distillers. From smooth and mellow blends to bold and spicy single malts, you'll find the true essence of India in every sip.

Single Malt Whiskey:

Discover the pure essence of Single Malt Whiskey at Liquor Mart. Each bottle showcases the distinct character of a single distillery, offering a symphony of flavors and aromas that define this revered category. Explore our selection and savor the uniqueness of each pour.

Irish Whisky:

Irish whisky is renowned for its smoothness and unmistakable character. At Liquor Mart, we stock an impressive range of Irish whiskies, offering you a taste of the Emerald Isle. Whether you prefer the gentle notes of triple-distilled whisky or the complexity of pot still expressions, our collection has it all.

Scotch whisky:

Scotch whisky, with its rich heritage, is celebrated worldwide. Our selection of Scotch whiskies includes everything from the peaty, smoky flavors of Islay to the smooth and elegant profiles of Speyside. Discover the diversity of Scotland's whisky regions with Liquor Mart.

Japanese Whisky:

Japanese whisky has taken the world by storm, known for its precision and finesse. Explore the art of Japanese distillation with our handpicked range of Japanese whiskies. Each bottle is a testament to the dedication of Japanese master distillers.

NZ & Australian Made Whiskeys:

Support local craftsmanship with our collection of New Zealand and Australian whiskies. These spirits encapsulate the essence of the Southern Hemisphere, featuring unique flavors that reflect the terroir of these regions.

Get Doorstep Whisky Delivery Services in NZ

At Liquor Mart, we understand that convenience is key. That's why we offer doorstep whisky delivery services throughout New Zealand. You can now indulge in your favorite whiskies without leaving the comfort of your home. With a few clicks, your chosen bottles will be on their way to your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

In conclusion, Liquor Mart stands as the go-to destination for whisky enthusiasts in New Zealand. Our diverse collection, ranging from bourbons to Japanese whiskies, ensures that every palate finds its match. With our convenient doorstep delivery services, you can elevate your whisky experience with ease. Choose Liquor Mart for quality, variety, and exceptional service.

Explore our collection today and elevate your whisky journey. Cheers!

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