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Chatham Island Black Robin Gin

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Chatham Island Black Robin Gin
 is undoubtedly one of the best Gin out there in the market. This Gin has been awarded over 50 medals and was recently recognized as the best gin in 2015. This is on the top recommendation list created by the staff at Liquormart. Black Robin Gin makes an ideal gift to buy online on any occasion for your beloved ones. 

Black Robin Rare Gin is inspired by the extremely rare and endangered black robin (Petroica traversi). It is found only on the remote Chatham Islands of New Zealand.

Black Robin Rare Gin is a premium gin that combines traditional exotic botanicals with native New Zealand Horopito, one of the world's most ancient flowering plants. The spicy citrus flavour gives exceptional delicacy and balance creating a distinctive, mellow texture with a refreshing unique fragrance with an elegant and refined finish.

A percentage of the profits are donated to the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of the black robin for future generations.

A rare bird, a rare gin - and a rare opportunity to drink responsibly and help save this endangered species from extinction.

Recoginsition and awards 

Following The Fifty Best Double Gold Medal, Black Robin Rare Gin has recently been awarded a Gold Medal and a CCA award for consistent excellence from The Fifty Best in the US.  With these global awards and accolades rolling in, Black Robin Rare Gin is sitting comfortably among the best gins in the world.


The Fifty Best, rating the finest in the worlds wines and spirits, have awarded New Zealand’s own Black Robin Rare Gin a Double Gold medal in the distinguished Best Gin awards 2015, it was also the largest tasting of Gins in the world ever.


Black Robin Rare Gin was awarded a Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in both 2014 & 2015. Over 1,400 spirits enter in the competitions each year, and the spirits were judged by 40 leading experts from around the world.

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