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Wild Turkey Rye 101 Proof 50.5%, 700ml

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This Wild Turkey Rye 101 Proof bottling of Wild Turkey Rye was discontinued in 2012 and replaced with a much lower 81 Proof bottle with a fake seal.  This is the original and the best. MyBottleShop has the few remaining 101 proof Turkey Ryes left in Australia, so grab it while you can because when it’s gone it’s gooone.
What one could call a perfect storm of events led to the disappearance of Wild Turkey 101 Rye. Increased demand for Rye Whiskey and growing enthusiasm for classic cocktails played a role in the depletion of 101 Rye’s aged stock. As a whole, the Rye Whiskey category has exploded faster than distillers have been able to keep up – jumping 41 percent in 2013 (according to Nielsen data). Due to the time and care it takes to craft all Wild Turkey products, distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell could not simply turn a tap to release more liquid as the unexpected demand grew.
Straight Rye Whiskey uses the same distilling methods as bourbon. However, it differs in its main ingredients. While straight bourbon uses corn, rye whiskey contains at least 51% rye resulting in a less sweet whiskey. And, like bourbon, the remainder of the mash is made from a variety of grains. These days, only small quantities of straight rye are made, but there are signs of renewed customer interest. At 101 proof, it has a rich, balanced aroma of vanilla and spice.
Wild Turkey Rye 101 is the basis of many famous cocktails such as the Manhattan but has also been used extensively by bartenders in many cocktails that grace the world’s bars.
Tasting Notes:
Initial aroma is acutely spicy, cereal-grain sweet and a touch citrusy; following aeration the aroma takes flight as fruity/resiny scents enchant the olfactory sense. The flavour at entry is laser beam-focused, snug and concentrated; at mid-palate, the flavour profile goes deeply cereal-like, almost honeyed, Sherried and intense. Concludes a tad fiery (it’s 101-proof, don’t forget), zesty, toffee sweet and nougat-like.