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The Black Grouse Whisky 40%,700ml

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The Black Grouse combines our famous blend with specially selected Islay malts to create a rich, dark, russet whisky with a rich, soft, smoky nose.

On the palate, the peaty character comes through in spice and dried fruit flavours, and smoky oak that leaves a long aromatic finish.

Appearance: Dark, russet golden, clear and bright

Aroma: Smoky, soft, musky, rich and full

Taste: Full flavour, spice and dried fruits, smoke through the oak, with all The Famous Grouse smoothness

Finish: Long, smoky and aromatic

Awarding The Black Grouse 94 points (out of 100) in his Whisky Bible 2008, Jim Murray described it as a ‘real treasure’ and of the finish he said that it was “so gentle, with waves of smoke and oak lapping on an oaky shore… brilliant.”

- Jim Murray, Whisky Bible 2008

 Product of Scotland.

40% Alc./Vol. 700ml. Approx 22 Standard Drinks.