Stone's Ginger Joe 8% , 500ml

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Stone’s Ginger Joe truly captures the essence of Stone’s Original in flavour with theadded fizz enhancing the mouth-feel, giving Ginger Joe a slightly soft, almost creamy, texture. All this combined provides a truly refreshing alternative for those "Ginga Ninjas" so devoted to Stone’s Original and also to those looking to experience the real taste of ginger for the first time. Whilst dedicated Gingeristas invariably savour the refreshing feist of Ginger Joe, one point of 'fashion' still divides them - whether tis (as a happier Hamlet might have put it) better to sip or swallow? Some insist that Ginger Joes goes down best accessorised by food. For others, only a swift, unhindered swig of the gingerable brew will do. In the interests of fair play, we suggest you try the following tonsular techniques before swinging either way:

Region / Country: South Australia, Australia
Bottle closure: Crown
Bottle Size: 500ml
Varietal: Ginger Beer