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Signature Indian whisky

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    Signature Master Blender handpicks few exquisite and unique aged whiskies from the Islay and Highland regions of Scotland, that combine perfectly with the finest aged Indian Malts. These are blended for an extended period of time resulting A sublime, Mellow blend with an unforgettable taste.

    Color- Gold color akin to the blaze of the setting sun  

    Nose- Smoky, woody and deep malty aroma with hint of hazelnut in the background

    Body- The medium to full body seduces the tongue as it swirls in your mouth.

    Palate- Rich, Medium bodied taste enhanced with well-rounded oak wood and peated malt, takes your palate on a bold adventure

    Finish- Mellow, peaty aftertaste lingers on long after the last sip. 

    Alc- 40%

    Region- India