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Sheep Dip 8yr old Malt Whisky 40%, 700ml

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An old 8 year old bottling of Sheep Dip blended malt whisky from M. J. Dowdeswell & Co. Legend has it that Sheep Dip's name allowed farmers to list their purchases under agricultural supplies when the tax man looked at the accounts, heaven forbid!


  • Colour : Rich, golden copper highlights.
  • Nose : Delicate and refined. Soft sensual floral notes arise in perfect harmony supported by an attractive array of complex fruit flavours. Melon, pear and orange with a hint of almonds conclude this profusion of charming nuances.
  • Taste : Finesse and elegance gives way to a majestic assertion of pure malty flavours drawn from the four distilling regions of Scotland. Each area forges and makes its own inimitable contribution to this outstanding pure malt - the main accent being expressed from the Highlands and Speyside Valleys.

More Information:

  • Varietal : English Whisky
  • Brand Name : Sheep Dip
  • Liquor Style : Blended Whisky
  • Age : 8 Year Old
  • Size : 700 ml
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol : 40%