Royal Challenge 750ml

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Royal Challenge is amongst the largest selling premium whisky brands in India with a rich heritage of innovation and unsurpassable quality. For over 28 years, Royal Challenge has won the hearts of whisky drinkers across the nation since its inception in the 80s. It is said that the Master Blender spent a lot of time in studying the properties of various oak wood casks to select the right procedure for maturation. The kind of imagery it lends to its customers goes in to prove its leadership in the market. As the UB Group acquired Shaw Wallace in 2005, Royal Challenge commonly referred as ‘RC’ amongst whisky drinkers became a part of USL's proud legacy.

An amazingly smooth whisky, the secret of its velvet-like texture lies in the use of leisurely matured malt and grain spirit. With its rare texture of antique gold, the finishing gets long, smooth, deep and yet so delicate.