Richelieu Brandy 43%, 750ml

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This Brandy is made in the age-old French tradition, steeped in the French brandy master’s art of combining breeding, purity, mellowness and maturity to produce a rich and rewarding, full-bodied brandy.

Its mellow maturity flows from years in casks of cognac oak, with richness derived from the fine art of the traditional French copper pot distillation.

Nose: Aromas reminiscent of ripe plums and prunes, vanilla, mocha and a hint of almonds.
Taste: Very refreshing, full-bodied flavor on the palate with a smooth, clean and dry finish.
Finish: Slightly warm bite with smooth finish

Region / Country: South Africa
Bottle closure: Cork
Bottle Size: 750ml
Variety: Brandy
Alcohol: 43%