Pegasus Bay Vergence Red 750ml 2018

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Vergence is when the pupils of the eyes look outwards, in opposite directions, before focusing. Wine made under this label will first and foremost be delicious, whilst also reflecting Pegasus Bay's commitment to constantly evolving their wine styles.

Keeping an open mind is essential for progress and at times this this means looking outside the square, even when it's untraditional, experimental or down right quirky. The composition of these wines may well change from vintage to vintage, either way you can be sure they have not been made looking straight.

This wine is bursting with vibrant red fruit flavours, including cherry and tamarillo. The tannins are soft and lush, with the bunch stems adding a peppery character, with hints of lavender and cinnamon. Fruitier and spicier than a night out with a drag queen!