Patron XO Dark Cafe Ice Bucket G/Pk 750m

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Patron XO Cafe US Version with Free Ice Bucket

Exclusive to online liquor store MyBottleShop is this 750mL bottle of Patron XO Cafe presented in a classy Patron branded ice bucket that has a gold look (XO Cafe branded) handle. The Patron Ice Bucket is solid and imprinted the the Patron Bee around the bottom and a large inverted bee on top that can be used to make cool, large bee shaped ice cubes. The ice bucket is free only for members or customers of MyBottleShop.

Patron XO Cafe is an extraordinary blend of ultra premium tequila and the natural essences of the finest coffee. Unlike most coffee liqueurs, the taste is more dry than sweet. The higher proof brings out the coffee essence magnificently.

35% ABV 750mL US Version

COLOUR: Dark, rich brown.

AROMA: Fresh coffee balanced with chocolate and vanilla.

TASTE: The rich taste of fresh-roasted coffee, notes of chocolate, vanilla and light tequila.

FINISH: Smooth, yet dry.