Patron XO Cafe 35%, 750ml

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Small batches of Patron are produced from 100% Weber blue agave. The mature agave plants are harvested and trimmed down to 'pinas'. The agave piñas are slowly steamed in clay ovens for 79 hours. The cooked agave piña is sweet and rich and is torn up once softened. The shredded agave is placed in a shallow traditional stone pit, where it is macerated with large, natural stone milling wheels. The juice from the agave is placed in wooden fermentation tanks for 72 hours. The mixture that results is called "must". The must is distilled twice in traditional copper pot sills. After distillation, each batch is fine filtered and blended with Arabica bean coffee from the Mexican states of Veracruz and Chiapas. Patron XO Cafe is blended to be 'dry' not sweet as with most coffee liqueurs – it retains the character of the tequila and is bottled at 35% ABV

Taste: The rich taste of fresh-roasted coffee, notes of chocolate, vanilla and light tequila
Nose: Fresh coffee, balanced with chocolate and vanilla
Finish: Smooth and dry

Region / Country: Mexico
Bottle closure: Cork
Bottle Size: 750ml
Variety: Tequila
Alcohol: 35%